Elderly Care Center
Patients may come to a fixed or indefinite period. On admission, they receive free lab tests and can opt for specialized medical investigations.
  • During their stay in care center, the elderly and the sick people are assisted by medical staff composed of doctors, nurses, nurses, masseur.
  • Also we have an elevator that serves only the elderly care center, we have an elaborate system of surveillance cameras to patients and to protect elderly accommodation rooms are equipped with smoke detectors, panic buttons and assistance.
  • The center has its own kitchen and two dining rooms.
  • Besides the three main meals, the patients benefit from an extra two meals, and diabetes are fed several times a day as indicated by the nutritionist.
  • Medical rehabilitation is made in the gym by medical specialist physiotherapy and special motility.
  • The massage is done by the bed every day by masseur center.
  • Very helpful in physical recovery is the hydrotherapy massage.
*NEW*Elderly care at home
It is a service recently launched by the "Haller Association" through which we mainly offer the same services but at the home of the elderly or the sick.We offer all the main services including lunch. Given that is a pilot program for more information call with confidence to the contact telephone numbers
Main services
  • Elderly care
  • Palliative care - hospice
  • Care for people suffering from Alzheimer's dementia,
  • Care for people with locomotory disabilities
  • Care for alcoholics and addicts
  • Care for the mentally ill
  • Maintenance, daily body care and cleaning services
  • Assistance with personal hygiene and nutrition
  • Special food norms for people on a diet
  • Medication management, realised by specialized people
  • The provision of medical care, in collaboration with specialized companies and health professionals
  • Psychological and legal counseling, psychotherapy
  • Special programs for social recovery and reintegration
  • Occupational and recreational therapy
  • Provision of the necessary and mandatory conditions for a decent life and improvements regarding the quality of life
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